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.K A N D A x R E I . P I X E L S.

. Y U U x R E I .

My OTP..<3

.K A N D A x R E I.

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♥~My OTP~♥

"I don't ship…I yacht. I'm not a low budget bitch"


M Y . D E A R . L U L U <3

She's my dearest lovely LuluChiii~♥
I love her so much, she means a lot to me ;v;

Icon PC for GazeRei~ - 1 by MakiMashoIcon PC for GazeRei~ - 2 by MakiMashoPC: Shiroyama Rei icon by SwordKnight131PC: Luna icon by SwordKnight131PC: Shiroyama Rei icon 2 by SwordKnight131PC: Luna icon 2 by SwordKnight131

.L O V E L I E S.


Wed Apr 16, 2014, 10:35 AM
Tue Apr 15, 2014, 9:30 AM
Mon Apr 14, 2014, 10:07 PM
Well shouldn't he be the one to eat me? //shot
Sun Apr 13, 2014, 5:03 AM
Sat Apr 12, 2014, 11:12 AM


:iconichimatsu14: :iconnami-nightingale: :iconchumitzu: :iconluzbalthasaar: :iconpoisonivy524:

.W E L C O M E.

"A sexy Kanda a day, keeps the Rei from Aion away"

Hi~ I'm Rei ;u;~Heart Emote by Gasara
Nice to meet you~ ♥

♥ I love anime/manga, Japan and Korea
♦ I love JRock/Kpop
♣ I love cats >u<
♠ Feel free to message me ;v;

Ultimate Kanda fan//Cats//Sherlockian//Horror lover//

My fangroup, made by my friend ;u; :heart:
--- > :iconrei-loversfanclub: <---

Wife of : Dead-Rose-Gardener <3 // King to : ChikitaWolf <3
//Nyan Cat Sista : ChikitaWolf <3

Me: fuck you Sakurai (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Sakurai: Come here, bbu ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)
(ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

.A R T . S T A T U S.

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Free Commission Closed Button by KimmyPeaches FREE Request Closed Button. by KimmyPeaches
FREE Art Trade Closed Button by KimmyPeaches FREE Collabrations Closed Button by KimmyPeaches

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

Pixel Commissions CLOSEDMaking 2 Journals because I have lots of Pixels~ 
What I WILL draw:
♥ OCs
♥ Canon characters
♥ Canon x OC (Except Kanda, sorry)
♥ OC x OC
♥ Canon x Canon
So, here are my prices and the Menu, enjoy~
Pixel Icon Type A
Price: 100 :points:
Pixel icon Type B
Price: 100 :points:
Pixel Icon Type C
Price: 100 :points:
Pixel Icon Type D
You can choose bouncing or blinking~
Price: 100 :points:
Pixel Icon Type E
Price: 100 :points:
Pixel Icon Type F
Price: 100 :points:
Pixel Icon - Mix
These are icons I did only once or twice, but you can ask for it, it you want~
Price: 100 :points:
Big Pixel
Price: 250 :points: / chara
Normal Pixel
The size can vary at times tho'
Price: 200 :points: / chara
Small Pixel
Price: 150 :points: / chara
Floating is optional
Pixel Scenery
Price: 200 [Points] for 4 chara +
Normal Point Commission CLOSED - FULL

Edit: asdfghgf that was fast ;v;
Journal for Normal (everything expect pixel) Commissions~
What I WILL draw:
♥ OCs
♥ Canon characters
♥ Canon x OC (Except Kanda, sorry)
♥ OC x OC
♥ Canon x Canon
What I WON'T draw:
♦ Yuri, Yaoi, Hentai (light shoujo-ai, shounen-ai and ecchi is fine)
♦ Furry, fursona and anthro
♦ Old people
♦ Hardcore fetishes
♦ Mecha, big weapons
♦ Animals (I can't OTL You can try though)
♦ Stuffs I'm uncomfortable with
If you don't see anything on the list, you can ask me~
Commission packs<3
Commission Pack A: Order a halfbody picture and a fullbody picture together and you'll get a free bottle chibi c:
Commission Pack B: Order a 2 character fullbody picture with complex background and you'll get a free colored headshot or two sketch headshots c:
Commisson Pack C: Orders above 1000 points will get a free mini pixe


GazeRei has started a donation pool!
2,726 / 5,000
dA Love by wolf-hat Hello everyone~♥ dA Love by wolf-hat

♦I'm saving up for 2 contest, and donating to people who deserves it c:

♣Please don't ask for points, I'm also getting them by commissions and kind people who donate me ;v;

♠Thank you for every point, I appreciate everything ;v;haa by Emoji-kun

You must be logged in to donate.

.T O. D O . L I S T.

~commissions by punklevel ~ .:little face:. by kittiehcakes
LuluChiii Luna, Lavi, Amari family PSS - Starting by Oceannist pixel button - paid by puucheii
CatalystAristarkh Federick - Shiro big pixel PSS - Starting by Oceannist pixel button - paid by puucheii
LuluChiii Lulu x Lavi big pixel + Lulu flowercrown pixel PSS - Starting by Oceannist pixel button - paid by puucheii
RoyalMakoko OC cutout fullbody + halfbody PSS - Starting by Oceannist pixel button - paid by puucheii

~ Special Commission ~ .:little face:. by kittiehcakes
• Tio and Amii pixel kimono PSS - Starting by Oceannist pixel button - paid by puucheii
Aholeon Gin x Hanna + Ukyo x Kumi + Subaru x Ai + Yuma x Marise colored gif animation (plus pixel icon + sketchof GinHanna) PSS - Starting by Oceannist pixel button - unpaid by puucheii

~Gift~ .:little hopeful face:. by kittiehcakes
Saraca-xx 2 pixel icon PSS - Starting by Oceannist
Yuminari 4 pixel icon + 1 bigger pixel (2 chara) (see facebook)PSS - Starting by Oceannist
Aholeon Gin + Hanna PSS - Starting by Oceannist

~Contest Prize~ .:little hopeful face:. by kittiehcakes
spaceCreepers Pixel of 2 chara (see note) PSS - Starting by Oceannist
Azarahel pixel icon (see note) PSS - Starting by Oceannist

~ art trades by punklevel ~ .:little hopeful face:. by kittiehcakes
• Ulquiorra x Orihime pixel for CODEno-103 PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• Oc for 1ZeroFight1 PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• 2 bottle chibi, Pesti and Passion for Blind-Kidd PSS - Starting by Oceannist

• Tango for xRiika PSS - Sketching by Oceannist
• Tomaki x Daiki for Aleude PSS - Sketching by Oceannist
• Barbara Brown for Tio-Z PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• Koharu x Lavi for HikaTsun PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• VY2 Yuuma x Haruka fullbody for Serahime-Hana PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• Kurama x OC for KiamaSamoyi PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• OC for thanomluk PSS - Starting by Oceannist

~requests by punklevel~ .:little sleepy face:. by kittiehcakes
• Buttons for A-M4-COM PSS - Starting by Oceannist
• 3 OC pixel for cekario PSS - Starting by Oceannist

.M I - C H A N .

Mi-chan Stamp 1 by ScythrMi-chan Stamp 2 by ScythrRequest: Page Buddy - GazeRei by Spoonka

.T H E . M A G I C A L . N Y A N D O M.

[Nyandom] Our hearts beats for each other by GazeRei

A Summary of the Nyandom by King Rei:
"What you expected: *ah cute girls talking about art, and their daily life, drawing cute drawings for each other*
What you got: ASDFGHJHGFDSASFGHGFD *fangirling and orgasm* HOLY NOODLES OMFG LMAO *rolling on the floor* HOMG AMG *keyboard headdesk* ADFGHJHGFDSXDCG AMG AMG AMG *wonk*"

PC: GazeRei - 2 by WhisperingCorridors PC: GazeRei - 1 by WhisperingCorridors PC: GazeRei - 4 by WhisperingCorridors PC: GazeRei - 3 by WhisperingCorridors

What's The Magical Nyandom?
The spawn of a Skype chat group created by Mikagu and infested with rainbows, desu, and feelz. I'm the Nyan!King, ChikitaWolf is the Nyan!Queen, and papyrus-tree and Mikagu are the Nyan!Princesses. Chi and I are in waifu/husbando relationship, as are Paps and Miks, hence the lesbian-sounding convos hurhur.

What's MARK?
MARK is an acronym for the Nyandom's D.Gray-Man fan characters; Mika Weirner (Mikagu), Anna Jones (papyrus-tree), Shiroyama Rei (My chara), & Kira Malcolm (ChikitaWolf).
Mika is paired with Lavi (Lavika), Anna is paired with Joe Smythe (Joanna), Rei is paired with Kanda Yuu (Yuurei), and Kira is paired with Allen Walker (Allira). We enjoy getting art and making art of our little quartet, so thou shall hear about them owo//


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